SKZ: German Plastics Center invites to TPE conference and meeting of the TPE Forum in Nuremberg

The annual TPE conference in Nuremberg, Germany, will be hosted in 2020 by SKZ Das Kunststoffzentrum and accompanied by the VDI and the German Rubber Industry Association (wdk). The conference will take place from 24 – 25 June 2020 in the Karl-Bröger-­Zentrum just a short walk away from Nuremberg’s main station.

In the run-up to the industry meeting, on 23 June, the plenary meeting of the TPE Forum will take place, to which all interested parties are invited. On the evening of the first day of the conference, participants can look forward to a guided tour of the historical stone corridors of the Franconian city and a joint dinner. The following article gives an outlook on the conference as well as the programme and introduces a new research project on short fibre-­reinforced TPE, recently started by SKZ and TITK.

Sustainable and multifunctional materials

The two-day conference will focus on innovative applications, sustainability as well as testing, analysis and ageing tests of thermoplastic elastomers. Digital marketplaces for plastics and plastics recyclates will also be a topic.

“It is important to us that once a year the experts from the industry meet and exchange ideas at this event,” explained Dr. Marie­luise Lang, Head of Materials Development, Compounding and Extrusion at SKZ. Lang is member of the expert committee, which also includes Sven Druwen (Agor), Kurt Gebert (Allod Werkstoff), Jürgen Haettig (Covestro), Dr. Peter Heidemeyer (C4-PP Consulting for Polymer Processing) and Bernhard Kneißl (Kraiburg TPE). “This is also the reason why we cordially invite all conference participants to the meeting of the TPE Forum the day before, which will also be held on the premises of the Karl-Bröger-Zentrum in Nuremberg, just behind the main railway station.”

Next meeting of the TPE Forum, 23 June 2020, Nuremberg, Germany!

About the TPE Forum

The TPE Forum was launched in 2016 as an independent communication platform in order to promote TPEs. Here experts from industry, science and universities, research institutes and associations are involved and are working together. As a neutral and non-commercial platform, it bundles information and stimulates new activities, for example in the field of standardisation. In addition to SKZ, VDI and wdk, the TPE Forum gathers many partners from the industry along the entire TPE supply chain. The TPE Forum is an informal and open circle and all interested parties are cordially invited to the meeting on 23 June 2020. Participation in the meeting is free of charge and without any obligation. To ensure an optimal forward planning, registration would be desirable. (contact details below)

Hybrid, light, transparent, soft, tailor-made – an inspiring programme all around a versatile material 

The committee has put together an interesting programme all about the versatile material TPE (see complete programme in the table).

Call for posters

In addition to the lecture programme, a poster exhibition will present current research projects and developments in the field of thermoplastic elastomers. Proposals for posters can be submitted until 31 March 2020.

Lectures on Wednesday, 24 June 2020
Thermoplastic elastomers at a glance

• Structure, properties, processing and applications

• Trends and new developments

Prof. Dr. Norbert Vennemann, University of Osnabrück, Germany

High Performance TPE open up new possibilities and applications

• Density reduced TPE compounds for lightweight construction applications

• TPE compounds with very low compression set

• Thermoplastic elastomer hybrids: temperature and oil resistant

Dr. Thomas Wagner, Kraiburg TPE GmbH & Co KG, Waldkraiburg, Germany

New possibilities with soft injection moulding grades

• Plasticizer-free up to 40 Shore A

• Exceptionally low FOG/VOC values

• Wide range of possible combinations in hard/soft composite systems

Mathias Lauter, Covestro Deutschland AG, Leverkusen, Germany

NEFA MB – Innovative compounds and masterbatches at the interface of the plastics and paint industry

• Synergies by combining classic dispersion technologies of the paint industry with compounding

• Dispersing agent free masterbatches for TPE

• Electrically highly conductive TPE compounds

Dr. Matthias Hübner, Caparol Industrial Solutions GmbH, Grimma OT Nerchau, Germany

Sustainable and Low VOC FOG Polymer Solutions

• New technology for production of thermoplastic polyurethanes, designed to achieve extremely low emissions, according to VDA 278

• Bio-based thermoplastic polyurethanes and their environmental impact

Dr. Nikola Kocic, Lubrizol Advanced Materials Spain, S.L., Barcelona, Spain

TPU supports transparency

• Introduction of aliphatic TPU

• TPU films and profiles in optical applications

Patricia Englisch, BASF Polyurethanes GmbH, Lemförde, Germany

Application of thermoplastic elastomers in the automobile for moulded articles

• Properties and comparison TPE and rubber

• Cost consideration TPE vs. rubber

• Application examples

Robert Achatz, Achatz & Grauel GmbH, Bad Soden-Salmünster, Germany

Customised TPE for adhesive bonding

• Applications and requirements

• Development, liability assessment and process parameters

• Process optimisation and new developments

Christian Berg, Hexpol TPE GmbH, Lichtenfels, Germany

Protecting people – TPE in eye protection applications

• Uvex: Manufacturing expertise from Fürth

• Worldwide requirements for eye protection products

• Applications of eye protection products with TPE

Dr. Marco Wacker, Uvex Arbeitsschutz GmbH, Fürth, Germany

Modification of styrene-based TPE with short fibres

• The requirements: what should short fibre modified TPEs do better?

• Our answers: polymers, fibres and formulations

• Metrology: How are new materials measured in a meaningful way?

Dr. Michael Bosse, SKZ – KFE gGmbH, Würzburg, Germany

Lectures on Thursday, 25 June 2020
Climate-friendly plastic products – is that possible?

• What does the society think about?

• What is the industry doing?

• Challenges

Michael Weigelt, TecPart, Frankfurt a. M., Germany

Alfater XL Eco – Eco TPV from bio-based and recycled raw materials

• PP recyclate and Bio-EPDM

• Properties and processing of Eco-TPV

• Special features of Eco-TPV

Dr. Stefan Zepnik, Albis Plastic, Hamburg, Germany

Opportunities of digital market places for plastics and plastics recycling

• Developments in digital procurement in B2B

• Trends and demand for plastics recyclates

• Requirements and pitfalls of digital market places related to plastics and recyclates

• Implementation and benefits illustrated with examples

Andreas Bastian, plastship GmbH, Waldems, Germany

TPE ageing tests: From failure analysis to material development

• Typical failure patterns with ageing of TPE

• Adjustment and analysis of ageing effects

• Measures to improve the ageing behaviour of TPE

Markus Lackinger, Allod Werkstoff GmbH & Co. KG, Burgbernheim, Germany

Compounding of TPEs on co-rotating twin-screw extruders

• Basics of compounding

• The co-rotating twin-screw extruder, how it works etc.

• Process setups for different TPE compounds

• Challenges of TPE compounding with regard to the dosing of raw materials

• TPE inline compounding

Michael Roelfs, KraussMaffei Extrusion GmbH, Hanover, Germany

Innovative extrusion applications, including co-extrusion

• Hard/soft combinations with TPE

• Innovative line design

• Innovations in the field of light and optics

• Industrial profiles with special requirements

Wolfgang Breuning, Döllken Profiles GmbH, Bönen, Germany

TPU films and their applications

• TPU basics

• Properties of TPU films

• Effects of additives

• Application areas of TPU films

Marieelen Oelkers (Co-speakers: Helge Kosthorst, Dirk Schultze), Covestro Deutschland AG / Epurex Films GmbH & Co. KG, Walsrode, Germany

TPE in winter sports

• Areas of application

• Challenges for material and processing

• Solutions

Alois Pieber, Fischer Sports, Ried im Innkreis, Austria

+++ Conference language: German +++

Contact to register for the conference and the meeting of the TPE Forum:
Eva Engelmann
Tel. +49 931 4104184