Nantong Polymax: TPE helps fighting Coronavirus

Custom TPE compounder Nantong Polymax, a sister company of PolymaxTPE, reported that the company was requested by the Chinese Government to remain open to produce a critical component needed in China to combat the coronavirus outbreak. Nantong Polymax said, it was one of the manufacturers in China called on by the government to resume operations shortly after the initial scare of the virus, due to the demand for medical supplies growing quickly. Nantong Polymax has been allowed to keep a portion of their facility open, operating with a small shift of employees to run limited production.

The product, known as P3838, is a TPE available in China and the US. In the case of fighting COVID-19, P3838 is moulded into a diaphragm that is a critical component for a sputum aspirator, a medical device that uses suction to clear out the patient’s airways.

Nantong Polymax Elastomer Technology Co.,Ltd. ist based in Nantong in Eastern China located on the northern bank of the Yangtze River; PolymaxTPE is based in Waukegan, IL, USA.

“Understanding the severity of the situation, not only in China but across the world, we are happy to be able to do our part to fight the virus,” said Tom Castile, vice president of sales at PolymaxTPE. “At Polymax, we are committed to the company’s promise of creating better solutions faster, and in this case, we are producing a critical piece to the puzzle that can help so many.”