TactoTek, fischer automotive: Smart surface technology demonstrator

TactoTek and fischer automotive have collaborated on a smart surface technology demonstrator to show examples of design innovation that fulfil market demands for integrating styling, electronic functions and manufacturability of smart surfaces at commercial scale.

Demands on vehicle interior systems are very high today, and solutions must offer appealing design combined with high quality materials,” noted Johannes Konrad, Head of the Management Board from fischer automotive. “How parts integrate within future vehicle interiors as well as the individual functions and design elements must be considered together. Moreover, user interfaces must deliver intuitive operation, and increasingly use patterns are driven by consumer electronics.”

TactoTek and fischer automotive have collaborated on a smart surface technology demonstrator. (Source: TactoTek)

To show user experience features and manufacturability, fischer automotive and TactoTek developed a technology demonstrator. The fischer automotive/TactoTek demonstrator features sensor surfaces for operating command input that are illuminated with LEDs moulded directly into the plastic that forms the engineered structure of the part. In addition to individual sensors, a raised round knob is used for multi-touch rotary inputs. The knob is enhanced with tactile features to guide users. Illumination is used for styling, guiding interactions and communicating vehicle status information to the driver. In the design, the human-machine interface sensors, circuitry and lighting are integrated within a seamless single piece injection moulded part that also provides the mechanical structure and is only 3mm thick. The part is designed and manufactured using TactoTek IMSE technology.