Plymouth Foam: New generation of pet toys based on BASF E-TPU

Plymouth Foam has launched a new line of dog toys under its Airehide brand which uses BASF’s Infinergy material. Infinergy is an expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (E-TPU) and is used in a variety of applications. According to BASF, the elastic particle foam can be used anywhere, where a combination of low weight, good mechanical properties, and long-term durability is needed.

Plymouth Foam and BASF collaborated to support dog parents offering their dogs a lifestyle that is healthy, active and fun. Studies have shown that dogs require at least 30 min to 2 h of exercise or playtime every day. There is a need to ensure that the materials used in toys for one of the favourite pets are non-toxic and durable, yet gentle. The Infinergy material enables the Airehide pet toys to be abrasion resistant which allows for toys to better withstand the force from sharp dog teeth. Infinergy offers the most determined power chewers a good bite and the Airehide toys stay intact, said the companies.

“Producing pet toys presents a unique set of requirements – from features of safety, sustainability to ruggedness whilst still ensuring that the materials meet mechanical properties. At the same time, it has to also achieve the desired soft feel and resilience. Infinergy helps Airehide fulfil all of these requirements,” said Dr. Jens P. Dierssen, Head of Global Business Management Infinergy. The nature of the material produces erratic bounces, giving the dog a different challenge with every throw. The material is also certified BPA free and is engineered to keep dogs active during all types of play.

Plymouth Foam has launched a new line of dog toys under its Airehide brand which uses BASF’s Infinergy E-TPU. (Source: BASF)

“We are pet people and have been working with our dogs and other dogs in field tests for nearly two years. Infinergy is the perfect material for this application and achieves our goal of creating toys that provide fun and healthy interactions between the pet parent and dog,” said David Bolland, President/CEO, Plymouth Foam. “Our new Airehide brand dog toys are the first collaboration to come out of our relationship with BASF and we are excited to see what innovation comes next.“

North American production for Infinergy is located in Wyandotte, MI, USA. BASF is working with Plymouth Foam as one of their moulders to support applications in the region. Beyond dog toys, Infinergy is also used in a wide range of proven applications that spans from footwear to sports equipment, flooring, furniture, and even in automotive applications such as car seats and airless tyres.