USP: Medical-grade TPE film for wound healing applications

United Soft Plastics Inc. has developed a TPE film which is said to deliver a high level of patient support and treatment-friendly wound healing. The developmental grade makes an effective contribution to increased protection for patients and medical nursing staff, the company said.

Wound dressing leg with TPE-sealed polybag (Source: USP)

The medical TPE grade, which was developed in conjunction with Danish start-up Impervious relieves patients of undue irritation and pain. The TPE film is a latex-free alternative and does not have to be torn off because it is permanently welded to the polybag as a stretchable, flexible, and conical sealing strip. As a result, the use of adhesive tape can be completely eliminated. The TPE film product represents a significant relief in everyday treatment for patients and medical nursing staff, according to Michael Bodmann, USP General Manager Europe. “When we were approached by one of our European customers about this idea, we were initially not sure whether we would actually be able to develop a medical TPE grade that combines a multitude of partly contrary performance properties along with the need to meet strict customer and medical regulatory requirements,” said Bodmann.

The USP medical TPE grade exhibits a low Shore A hardness (25-35), high tear strength in connection with demanding transverse and longitudinal strain loads, and the indispensable requirement of a very thin wall thickness (0.2-0.4 mm). The year-long joint development project is in a pre-commercialization phase and undergoing clinical trials. After initial commercialization in Europe, the new TPE film will be made available globally.