SPE: News from the TPE group

The former SPE Special Interest Group (SIG) has been renamed to TPE Technical Interest Group (TIG). This expert group within the organisation of the Society of Plastics Engineers in the US promotes the technology and applications of thermoplastic elastomers in conferences, workshops, and industry contacts.

The group is well-known throughout the industry for organising a bi-annual TPE conference which has evolved to be the most important event for TPE experts in the Americas, the TPE TOPCON. The group just has kicked off planning for TOPCON 2022 to be held in Akron, OH, in September. Further details will be announced soon, but TIG chair Brad Guilani already revealed the theme. It will be “TPE’s unmasked”.

The group is also the organiser of the TPE sessions at ANTEC and a focus of the TIG’s current activities is to get papers for the TPE session of ANTEC 2022. The paper submission deadline is 15 November 2021. ANTEC 2022 will take place live in Charlotte, North Carolina in June 2022.

People at TPE TIG

Brad Guilani from Otis Elevator Co., has been re-elected to continue as chair of the TIG for the 2021-2022 term. Dr. Krishnan Iyer from ExxonMobil Specialty Elastomers Technology Division has recently joined the TIG board of directors. Bob Wegelin who had been a member of the board for 33 years retired as treasurer. Steve Brenno, RTP Company, was elected as new treasurer.


The group regularly sends out a newsletter with updates on their latest activities, introduction of new members, and event information. The July newsletter contains also an interesting interview with Quantisweb President and CEO Gilles Gagnon conducted by TIG board member Bill BlasiusRogers Corporation.

Download July Newsletter: https://bit.ly/3D1xBjU