Trinseo introduces new overmolding TPE grades at SPE Automotive TPO Conference

Trinseo has introduced four new series of thermoplastic elastomers at Detroit’s SPE Automotive TPO Conference (October 7-10, 2018). The four new TPE series include 16 new overmolding grades specifically developed for automotive applications, offering improved adhesion to Trinseo’s Magnum ABS and Pulse PC/ABS product range.

Trinseo has a long heritage in performance plastics with over 30 years of experience in the development of rigid plastic materials for use in automotive applications. Since the acquisition of API in 2017, the company has gained unique expertise in both the formulation technology and compounding processes of TPE solutions. The introduction of these new TPEs marks a milestone in the integration process as Trinseo works to further expand the synergies between its rigid- and soft-touch product portfolios.

The automotive industry’s demand for TPEs enabling premium aesthetics and haptics is growing. For many engineers, the increasing demands on function and surface design can best be met with TPE overmolding solutions. Trinseo’s new TPE series provides a broad range of hardness, melt flows, and finishes for excellent aesthetics and processability in injection molded and extruded applications.

“Bonding strength between the TPE and the polar substrate is dependent on the chemical compatibility of the materials,” Tony Samurkas, Trinseo’s TS&D Director North America said. “Optimal adhesion is achieved if you have the control and expert knowledge about the technology of both the rigid- and soft-touch plastics.”

All TPE grades are produced at Trinseo’s manufacturing site in Mussolente, Italy. The plant also contains a state-of-the-art designed to measure the adhesion between substrates in accordance with VDI 2019 standards.

(An extensive report about Trinseo’s Specialized Overmolding Center (SOC) will be published in TPE Magazine 04/2018)