TPU for contact adhesives in footwear and DIY applications

A performance upgrade of Lubrizol’s Pearlstick thermoplastic polyurethanes for adhesives in footwear and DIY end applications is now available. According to Lubrizol, adhesives formulators apply Pearlstick 45-80/16 TPU and other similar Pearlstick products as an alternative to polychloroprene resins, providing equal or even better performance. The material can be formulated based on more environmentally-friendly solvents, avoiding, e.g., toluene or cycloheptane, said the company.

As it relates to the processing, Lubrizol TPU for adhesives can be applied on just one substrate; there is no need to apply it to both sides to achieve final bonding, as in the case of polychloroprene. Pearlstick TPU grades offer a wider range of adhesion possibilities to various materials. They also provide a very low crystallization rate, good heat resistance and peel strength, said Lubrizol.