TPU films for forgery-proof ID documents

At the Trustech 2018 trade fair, Covestro highlighted an integrated passport concept based on speciality TPU and PC films. A TPU film is used for the interior design of passports. The data page is laminated onto a thin fold that is integrated into the passport for a secure fit. The production process is very efficient and the bond is also durable: the passports can be opened and closed as often as required without the flexibility suffering or the fold tearing.

Covestro showcased an integrated concept for an efficient manufacture of passports at Trustech 2018.

The fold consists of a multi-layer film composite made of TPU. At the trade show, Covestro presented a new Platilon ID film, which is said to offer a further 35 % increase in tear resistance compared to the standard product Platilon ID 9122. Compared to individual films, the layers in the film composite have lower layer thicknesses and thus allow greater design freedom, especially for the thinner data page. As a result, the integration of safety features is simplified and the lower layer thickness saves costs.

According to Covestro, multi-layer Platilon ID can be excellently bonded with polycarbonate and ensures that data pages cannot be delaminated without destroying the passport completely. Furthermore, Covestro has developed several Makrofol ID polycarbonate films to complement the offering for the manufacture of ID cards.