TPE facilitates everyday life of tremor patients

A new tremor spoon attachment offered by Ornamin enables users to eat confidently and independently despite shaky hands and hand cramps. Food stays on the spoon despite tremors thanks to a small part made of Provamed TPE compound by Actega DS.

The tremor spoon of Ornamin enables tremor patients to eat confidently and independently despite shaky hands.

The numerous demands made by the product on the material used, e.g. food safety, neutral taste, firmness, temperature stability, transparency, flexibility and dishwasher safety, are all met by the transparent Provamed grade with a hardness of 60 Shore A. Provamed grades are approved for medical technology and have been examined for biocompatibility. Furthermore, their physiological safety, media resistance and sterilisability were also tested. The TPEs are food-certified and their flexibility provides a pleasant feeling during use. Minimum migration potential, protection from irritations of the mucous membranes, freedom from PVC, phthalates, silicones and latex are also guaranteed. The anti-tremor attachment is simply attached to standard soup spoons. It is suitable for both domestic and professional care in homes for the elderly, nursing homes and retirement homes, as well as for hospitals, clinics and geriatrics wards.

“Thanks to close collaboration between Ornamin and Actega DS for the past several years, we were included in the development process at an early stage of the product idea which enabled us to get a start on the material composition and testing the recipes developed. This meant that it was possible to limit the time to market”, explained Florian Schind­ler, Product Manager New Business at Actega DS. The product is currently manufactured semi-automatically using an injection-moulding tool and a cavity. However, work is already being carried out on a fully-automatic tool concept with four cavities.