TactoTek: Partnership with Lightworks for vehicle lighting innovations

TactoTek and the automotive lighting design and engineering consultancy Lightworks GmbH have announced their collaboration on in-mould lighting solutions. Together the companies will accelerate the development and use of in-mould lighting for styling and function for vehicle interiors and exteriors.

The Finland-based company TactoTek develops, industrialises and licenses in-mould structural electronics (IMSE). In IMSE solutions LEDs and the circuitry that drives them are moulded inside of the plastic that is the structure of the part. The results are very thin, seamless components that can conform to complex shapes and can be efficiently mass produced.

“Lighting is a prominent feature in over 95 % of our customers’ IMSE solutions. From styling to status indicators and dynamic operator alerts, we’re seeing incredible design creativity and high value solutions for users. Lightworks combines a deep understanding of their customers’ preferred styling, aesthetics and design language, with the illumination design and optical engineering expertise to create lighting solutions that complement that vision,” said Dave Rice, SVP Marketing and Business Development at TactoTek.

Michael Höfgen, founder and CEO of Lightworks, said: “Light as part of automotive user experience is more important for styling and function than ever before. The huge benefit of IMSE is the technology’s fusion of dynamic lighting with highly decorative surfaces and HMI functionality in 3D structures as thin as 2 mm. We can enhance many of our illumination package designs with IMSE elements.”

TactoTek said it is building a partner programme with industrial design and engineering companies serving automotive, smart home/IoT, appliance and other markets so design experts can enhance their solutions with IMSE technology.