Stabilisers and flame retardants from Lanxess for use in TPEs

Among the many highlights that chemical company Lanxess presented at Chinaplas 2018 were some products that are beneficial for use in thermoplastics elastomers. The halogen-free phosphoric acid ester Disflamoll 51092 has a low odour and can be used in many plastics, e.g. plasticised PVC, flexible PU foams, TPU, PC-ABS and NBR-PVC blends.

Stabaxol P 110, a hydrolysis stabiliser for plastics and polyurethanes, is the first product in a new line of low-emission polymeric carbodiimides based on alternative raw materials. It shows high performance when used in TPEs or PET. In the bioplastic polylactic acid, it significantly extends the service life of the final article under moist and warm operating conditions, said Lanxess. With the acquisition of Chemtura in 2017, Lanxess has become one of the world’s leading suppliers of flame-retardant additives. The company expects that an annual average growth rate of 4 % will be achieved in the mid-term in market for flame-retardant additives.