Songwon: Introduction of new TPUs at Chinaplas 2019

Songwon, the South-Korean chemical specialties supplier and 2nd largest manufacturer of polymer stabilisers in the world has introduced new TPUs at Chinaplas 2019. The Songstomer polyether TPU product families P-3200A10/P-3200-A10U/P-3200-D10 are well-suited to a number of applications such as cables, tubes, films, profiles, compounds and masterbatches. Their ability to secure higher mechanical property stability, including less discolouration under long-term heat aging and thermoplastic processing and their high resistance to hydrolysis and microbe attack, make them products of choice for compounding, said the company in a statement.

Songwon at Chinaplas (Source: Songwon)

Presenting its expertise in the area of TPU/POM compounds, Songwon has presented two new products from its Songstomer polyester TPU offering. Both grades P-3175A and P-3180 A can be processed using injection moulding and extrusion and are ideal for injection moulding parts such as engineering buckles, clips for tubes, sports gear or leisure goods. Their smaller granule size enables even faster and easier melting and subsequently higher compounding productivity. With impact modification of POM, they provide low melt viscosity based on customer requests and high welding line mechanical performance of TPU/POM compounds for injection moulded parts.

“Such a dynamic market as China requires expertise, high innovation capability and agility to meet in the rapid developments in the various industries,” says Min Tian, Country Head China, Songwon Industrial Group. “Songwon is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions to our customers in both China and the Asia Pacific region that address their needs for more efficient materials processing, better performance and sustainability. We are looking forward to the opportunity to demonstrate Songwon’s technical capabilities, industry experience and comprehensive portfolio of high-performance products at this year’s Chinaplas.”