SaarGummi Group: Gąska appointed as new COO

Piotr Gąska has been appointed as the new Chief Operating Officer (COO) of CQLT SaarGummi Technologies S.à r.l. based in Remich, Luxembourg. Gąska has extensive international expertise in the automotive industry. Through his former position as Director European Region at SaarGummi Automotive in 2014 and 2015 Gąska already knows the company very well.

Piotr Gąska (Source: SaarGummi)

“Our vision of the future is a customer-oriented vision. The orientation towards customer values contributes to the increase of the company value. With this approach, we will not follow the path of others, but will continue to build on the excellent work of the SaarGummi organisation and at the same time pave our own way for a strong future”, said Gąska.

Larry Johnson, CEO of SaarGummi Group, said: “With Piotr Gąska we have been able to expand our management team with an experienced employee with extensive knowledge of the sealing industry. With his knowledge he will successfully support the SaarGummi team in achieving our short and long term goals to strengthen our global position.”