LCY: New ultra high molecular weight SEBS polymer

The Taiwanese company LCY Chemical Corp. is announcing a new ultra-high molecular weight styrene-ethylene-butylene-styrene (SEBS) block copolymer for general TPE compounding, automotive, medical, polymer modification, and adhesive markets.

LCY GRIT has introduced a new ultra high molecular weight SEBS polymer for TPE compounding applications. (Source: LCY)

Globalprene GP7533 is an ultra-high molecular weight linear triblock SEBS copolymer with 30 % polystyrene content. It has been commercially produced in the company’s SBC manufacturing site in Huizhou, China. According to LCY Globalprene GP-7533 has the following advantages compared to conventional SEBS polymers:

  • Higher service temperature
  • Lower compression set
  • Wider hardness range of compounds
  • Good quality due to less fogging and better oil retention
  • Could be compounded with TPV for more applications
  • Increased production capacity due to faster oil absorption rate

TPE compounders can use the new product in general purpose compounds for consumer and industrial applications. The high molecular weight polymer could provide better physical properties. It can be used for automotive applications that require low compression set at high temperature. GP7533 can be blended with TPV compounds to achieve better flow and tensile properties. TPE compounds made with GP7533 can withstand steam sterilisation for medical applications. GP7533 absorbs oil faster and with lower bleed out than conventional SEBS polymers. The better high temperature performance allows it to be used in specialty adhesive or sealant applications. It can serve also as impact modifier or compatibiliser for polymer alloys or blends.

“LCY GRIT has developed advanced manufacturing technologies to produce high precision, high performance SBC polymers. We plan to offer new products with diverse property sets to better serve our customers and expand our market reach. GP7533 was developed to fulfill our customers’ needs for better compression set at high service temperatures. The initial customer feedback is very positive. We are planning to bring more new polymers in the near future to meet customer demands in oil gel, medical, paving, and adhesive markets.” said Joey Lin, Vice President of LCY GRIT.

Globalprene GP7533 meets the FDA requirements contained in the code of Federal Regulations in 21 CFR 177.1810 (a)(3) and (b)3 and comply with regulation (EU) no. 10/2011 and its amendments. GP7533 also passed USP VI and ISO 10993 tests. The product is available in commercial quantity worldwide.