Otto Krahn Group: Organisational transformation completed

Otto Krahn Group GmbH announced on 2 November 2020 that from now it will operate as the holding company of the globally active Otto Krahn Group. It will in future define the strategic guidelines and at the same time take on the role of a professional service provider to support Group companies with the development of successful and sustainable growth strategies.

Registration of Otto Krahn Group GmbH in the commercial register also marked the last organizational step in the strategy program that was announced in 2019 for the Group, which includes plastics distributor Albis, plastics compounder Mocom, Krahn Chemie, Krahn Ceramics and the recycling specialist Wipag. Registration of Albis Distribution GmbH & Co. KG was completed in July and demerger of the compounding business to Mocom Compounds GmbH & Co. KG occurred in mid-October.

“Over the course of 111 years, the people of the Otto Krahn Group have repeatedly combined our Hanseatic roots and values with courageous business decisions. Changing and reinventing ourselves is the secret to success of our globally active group of companies,” says Philip O. Krahn, CEO of the Otto Krahn Group. “Today was the starting signal for our holding company. In honor of the company founder it is called the Otto Krahn Group, and will form the strategic basis for Albis, the Krahn Group, Mocom and Wipag.”

In 1909, Otto Krahn established a trading company for rubber products. Albis started distributing plastics in 1961 and since 1972 has also produced compounds. With Krahn GmbH, the distribution of specialty chemicals was also launched on the market in 1972. 2018 saw acquisition of the recycling specialist Wipag. In 2019 the Group announced a restructuring and organizational program that would separate the distribution and compounding business by positioning it in the companies Albis and Mocom.

“With the new structure we are strengthening, in particular, the freedom to make quick decisions and strengthen efficient processes, while also offering the necessary entrepreneurial and future-oriented thinking as well as a certain level of start-up mentality,” continues Krahn. “Our customers will in future benefit from an even greater customer orientation and even faster processes.”