Nouryon: Capacity for dialkyl peroxide expanded in China

Nouryon announced that it has increased production capacity for dialkyl peroxide by 25 % after completing a major expansion project at its Ningbo, China, site. The product, branded as Perkadox 14, is essential in the manufacture of many elastomer-based products, ranging from sports goods to industrial wires and cables.

According to Nouryon, the Ningbo expansion is the latest in a series of investments to better serve and grow with its customers in the polymer market. For example, the company recently completed projects in India, Mexico, and the USA.

Applications for Perkadox 14 include elastomer-based products, e.g., sports goods, industrial wires, and cables (Source: Nouryon)

“Demand for Perkadox 14 in Asia and worldwide is on the rise because it has less odour compared to other organic peroxides on the market, which is ideal for consumer products such as athletic shoe soles and yoga mats,” said Markus Majoor, Global Market Segment Lead at Nouryon. “We manufacture a significant share of the dialkyl peroxide that is used in the market today, and through this expansion we are ready to meet growing customer demand and strengthen our leadership position.”

Johan Landfors, Managing Director Polymer Chemistry at Nouryon, added: “Since 2018, we have invested more than EUR 100 million to build organic peroxides production capacity across the globe, and as a global leader we’ll continue to invest in expanding our operations to maintain our world class level of customer service.”