Mocom: New Eco product line within Alfater TPV portfolio

Mocom is expanding its extensive TPV portfolio with a new Eco product line. The TPV (PP+EPDM) grades grouped under the name Alfater XL Eco are based on high-quality post-industrial recyclates and/or renewable raw materials, and offer a resource-saving solution for flexible technical applications.

“Sustainability plays a vital role in our commercial success as part of the long-term growth strategy of the Otto Krahn Group. This strategy is being rigorously implemented and continued with Alfater XL Eco,” says Dr. Stefan Zepnik, Director of the Mocom Technical Service Center.

Alfater XL Eco is available in various Shore hardnesses (soft to hard) and can be processed with all standard techniques, including injection moulding, extrusion, extrusion blow molding, and press blow molding (Ossberger process). The materials combine sustainability with the familiar TPV properties, such as a low compression set even at high temperatures and good heat aging resistance. In addition, they demonstrate very good bonding to polyolefins, such as PE and PP, and to elastomers, such as TPV or TPO, in accordance with VDI 2019.

Alfater XL Eco is suitable for the manufacture of automotive components, including under-the-hood or exterior parts. (Source: Mocom)

The new grades are suitable for the manufacture of automotive components, including under-the-hood or exterior parts. Sample applications include boots, air ducts, bushings, grommets, plugs, and sheaths. Further potential applications can be found in a diverse range of industries, for example in profiles, seals, casters, dampers and protectors, grips, and soft-touch applications.

Another Near-To-Prime recycling product line in the Mocom portfolio is Altech Eco. These recycling-based compounds are available in PA66, PA6, PC, PC-Blends, ABS and PP polymers.

About Mocom
Mocom is a former division of Albis Plastic GmbH and part of the Otto Krahn Group, and builds on 50 years of experience. More than 700 employees develop and manufacture competitive material solutions at three German locations as well as in Duncan, SC, USA, and Changshu, China. All sites are certified to IATF 16949.