Mexichem: Name change to Orbia

Mexichem has announced a name change. The company’s new name is Orbia Advance Corporation. The company said that this is part of its new strategy related to the operational reorganisation of its global businesses and the launching of a new corporate brand including a new logo concept, the ImpactMark. This reflects a year-long process to transform the company into a future-fit, human-centered organisation, while elevating the work its five global business groups are doing to address the challenges that define how people live and thrive today and in the future, said the company in a statement.

Orbia explained that the new name and long-term business strategy position the company to respond to global opportunities to ensure food security, reduce water scarcity, reinvent the future of cities and homes, connect communities around the world to global data infrastructure, and expand access to health and wellness with advanced materials through innovation and customer-centricity, elevating the company’s ongoing commitment to improving quality of life for people and communities around the world. Chemicals, mining, and manufacturing will continue to be important parts of Orbia’s overall business, but the name change is said to reflect a broader, more inclusive expression of the company’s global impact.

The ImpactMark is an ever-changing measure of the company’s adherence to long-term financial health, environmental sustainability, and social progress. Plotted on a circular grid, the ImpactMark measures progress against six factors related to people, planet, and profit. It will be updated each year to reflect the latest data, demonstrating progress toward the company’s ambitious goals over time.

Orbia ImpactMark (Source: Orbia)

„Orbia is taking a long-term approach to expressing the growth of our company against our impact on people, planet, and profit,“ said Daniel Martínez-Valle, CEO of Orbia. „Our strategy focuses on organic growth, driven by a strong customer focus, and maximizing ROIC. We believe that as we continue to evolve our company, we will create incredible value for our investors, our customers, and the communities around us while inspiring others to do the same.“

The transition, which incorporates a new name, website, visual brand, and dynamic ImpactMark in lieu of a static logo is effective immediately and will be implemented across the company’s products and services throughout the 2019 calendar year.

Orbia was founded in 1953 as Cables Mexicanos S.A. by a group of Mexican and American investors to satisfy a growing Mexican market for high carbon steel wire ropes. Today, Orbia is a global company operating in more than 40 countries, selling in more than 110 countries, and employing more than 22,000 people worldwide. The company has headquarters in Mexico City, Boston, Amsterdam, and Tel Aviv. The business group Polymer Solutions has an extensive portfolio of TPEs marketed under brand names such as Evoprene, Garaflex, Garathane and Alphaseal.