Marquardt and Tactotek: Collaboration on IMSE solution for automotive OEM

TactoTek and Marquardt announced that the companies are developing an injection moulded structural electronics (IMSE) solution for a leading automotive OEM in their first collaboration project. The pre-development project is for a specific vehicle family and includes full automotive validation of the IMSE parts.

“As the OEM’s designers evaluated how to realise their vision, IMSE became the preferred technology choice: IMSE enables more functionality, better performance and easier integration. TactoTek worked directly with the OEM to develop and produce proofs-of-concept,” said Sami Hyyryläinen, SVP Field Operations at TactoTek. “However, this OEM, and others, typically prefer to rely on their established suppliers for mass production. This is why TactoTek’s primary business model is licensing our technology – we invest in technology innovation and industrialisation that our licensees can leverage with their customers. We are very pleased to be collaborating with Marquardt on this project.”

Marquardt, based in Rietheim-Weilheim, Germany, is a manufacturer of electromechanical and electronic switches and switching systems. According to the company, it is well-known for its expertise in developing mechanics, electronics and software in synergy to create rewarding user experiences. Its products are used, e.g., by customers in the automotive industry and include operating components, vehicle access, driver authorisation systems and battery management systems. Its systems are also used in household appliances, industrial applications and power tools.

“As the OEM’s design objectives are very challenging, IMSE is a natural choice to us. Delivering the full electronics feature set with the limited packaging depth and complex part shape would be difficult with a traditional electronics assembly,” said Dr. Frank Stier, Director Innovations at Marquardt Group. “This is our first IMSE project, and we are eager to collaborate with TactoTek; we see many opportunities for IMSE solutions in the automotive industry and other markets.”