Circularise: Development of plastics traceability solution

The collaborative project for circularity in plastics, Circularise Plastics, founded by DomoCovestro and the supply chain transparency start-up Circularise, has reached the first milestone. With the support from the founding members Circularise successfully developed the first version of the platform tailored to the plastics industry. The group is piloting the system this year and has demonstrated it on the market in a production environment in early 2020.

Currently, the solution enables manufacturers to create a digital version of their materials based on trusted (audit) documents. This enables them to prove the sustainability of their supply chain and create reliability and trust. Encouraging broad marketplace adoption, the Circularise Plastics is available to any organisation that manufactures, processes, recycles or uses plastics. Covestro and Domo were key architects of the pilot’s final requirements, and said they will work to adopt the standard. Following completion of a pilot period with these companies, the system is available to the broader market. The objective is to create a strong consortium of companies to set an industry standard for transparency regarding e.g. recycled content and other sustainable practices.

„The value of having this standard developed by the industry, instead of just one or two companies is in avoiding a central powerful authority and giving equal rights to all participants“, Thomas Nuyts, Director of Global Product Management, Domo, said.