Marfran: TPE solutions for face masks

The Italian compounder Marfran teamed up with injection molding machinery supplier Negri Bossi for the production of face masks. Negri Bossi coordinated a pool of companies including Marfran and started in less than five weeks the production of reusable masks, sterilisable with interchangeable filter. The mask is entirely made of TPE. The Marfran.Med compounds were donated for this project by Marfran.

Face mask from Byonica produced by Eurgomma with Marfran TPE (Source: Marfran)

The wide hardness range of the Marfran TPE series allows to create comfortable but at the same time robust, reusable, and durable masks as well as parts for personal protective equipment. The compounds, based on copolymer elastomers with hydrogenated iron blocks, can offer a high level of hygiene, are hypoallergenic, free from latex and other allergenic substances. They are biocompatible, do not contain phthalates or other dangerous substances as demonstrated by the numerous biocompatibility tests conducted according to international standards applied on medical devices. The compounds meet the requirements dictated by ISO 10993 and the American Pharmacopeia USP <88> Class VI. They can be used to produce personal protective masks compliant with European standard EN 149, or a facial protective mask for medical use compliant with European standard EN 14683.

Hardness range in Shore A Protective mask facial for medical use Filter semiforms
Material type EN 14683 EN 149 (FFP)
Standard molding From 30 to 90 Marfran.Med series ST Marfran E series G1
High fluidity molding From 30 to 90 Marfran.Med series LV Marfran E series FG1
High temperature: sterilizable From 30 to 90 Marfran.Med series M Marfran E series M1
Transparent From 30 to 90 Marfran.Med series TR Marfran E series KK
Overview of Marfran compounds for face masks and personal protection equipment (Source: Marfran)