KraussMaffei: Good start for the new digital event series

The Pioneers!Talks by KraussMaffei have made a successful start. More than 400 participants registered for the digital customer event in the middle of February. Experts from KraussMaffei and partners presented current trends and solutions for LSR processing and medical technology. Live chats and surveys followed by Q+As gave the participants the opportunity to actively engage in the event.

Every part a good part – Sustainable coffee enjoyment with LSR

The first PioneersTalk dealt with the specific challenges when processing LSR. With the fluctuating viscosities of the material „every part is a good part“ is an ambitious objective, but the keynote speakers showed how it can work. Using the example of a reusable lid of a coffee-to-go cup, the KraussMaffei experts together with the mold maker ACH Solution demonstrated how simple and safe the processing of the demanding material LSR can be. The special feature here is that two different versions of the lid are formed in one mold in one shot on an injection molding machine. The APC plus machine function provides valuable support with the fluctuating material viscosities, particularly, for example, with changing color metering.

The experts for LSR processing (from left to right): Stefan Schierl, Cordula Wieland (both KraussMaffei) and Robert Köttner (ACH Solution) (Source: KraussMaffei)

Plastics in medical technology –Valuable assistants not only in times of Covid 19

The second Pioneers!Talk „Plastics support healing processes“ addressed the topic of medical technology which is currently in high demand. The experts provided an insight into current trends and demonstrated the solutions KraussMaffei provides to respond to these developments.

Furthermore, the keynote speakers showed what fascinating projects have been realized in the extraordinarily difficult environment of recent months and how reliable and fast service can also be guaranteed in times of lockdowns, home office, and travel restrictions. Another topic was traceability, the full traceability and documentation of data, which is essential particularly in medical technology.

Keynote speakers for medical applications (from left to right): Thomas Hörl, Stefan Fenske and Markus Lunz (all KraussMaffei) (Source: KraussMaffei)