Injection-moulded soft skin for automotive interiors

A highlight at the Kraton stand at Chinaplas 2018 was an automotive dashboard that demonstrated the latest update on the company’s IMSS technology. IMSS means Injection Molded Softskin and is based on recently launched high-flow, lightweight, low VOC styrenic block copolymers. The technology enables injection moulding of large, thin-walled soft skin parts such as instrument panel skins as thin as 0.8 mm.

The IMSS technology enables the production of soft skins with aesthetically acceptable soft surface without the need for painting.

The process is run on standard equipment and under normal processing conditions, including 1K and 2K processes. Kraton said weight savings up to 25 % over existing PVC slush moulded soft skins can be achieved and cycle times can be significantly reduced (see also p.102ff of this issue).

“We are excited to bring this unique technology to the automotive industry,” said Kevin Campbell, Kraton’s Vice President, Emerging Business. “As the only solution on the market capable of injection molding large soft skin product designs without the need of a top coat, the Kraton IMSS technology will allow manufacturers to achieve highly-valued benefits such as vehicle weight reduction, safety and manufacturing efficiency – all from a single technology.”