Huntsman launched new TPU grades for footwear and films

Huntsman has showcased several new TPU technologies at Chinaplas 2018, which can be used to engineer film and sheet products: Krystalgran TPU is a family of aliphatic-based resins that can be extruded to create durable, light stable, protective films and barrier layers. Offering benefits in both optical and non-optical applications, films made from Krystalgran TPU can help safeguard display screens found in tablets and smartphones. They are also widely used to protect car paintwork from chips and scratches; and in construction, flooring, footwear, graphic and textile applications.

Krystalflex TPU is used for interlayer laminating films within the glass to create tough, hardwearing, glass and plastic laminates with better performance properties than pure glass systems. Compatible with glass, acrylic and polycarbonate, the TPU is said to offer good bonding between dissimilar substrates as well as good physical properties over a wide temperature range. Typical applications include containment and security glass plus ballistic resistant laminates.

Huntsman introduced new Avalon grades for footwear applications at
Chinaplas 2018

Huntsman’s latest elastomer developments for the footwear industry are Avalon 55 AHG TPU and Avalon ABDI TPU. Avalon ABDI TPU is a new material with a fast cycle time, which is easy to demould while Avalon 55 AHG TPU is a new, soft soling material that offers improved slip-resistance on both wet and dry surfaces. With a nominal hardness of 55 Shore A, Avalon 55 AHG TPU can be used to make soft, thin, high definition, high grip parts, in a variety of colours. Other products presented at Chinaplas included Irogran K TPU, a family of polycaprolactone and polyether-based grades, Suprasec prepolymers, and Technothane hot-cast PU elastomer systems.