German Rubber Society elects new Board of Directors

The German Rubber Society (Deutsche Kautschuk-Gesellschaft – DKG) has elected Dr. Cristina Bergmann, Head of H&R Research Laboratory at Hansen & Rosenthal, as Chairman of the DKG, Prof. Dr. Andreas Limper, Managing Director of Harburg-Freudenberger Maschinenbau, as First Deputy Chairman, and Dr. Hans-Martin Issel, Managing Director of Unimatec Chemicals Europe, as Second Deputy Chairman for the term of […]

Compounders in Europe

AMI has issued a new edition of its database of compounders in Europe. Ami said that the improving European economy and continued penetration of plastic components in sectors such as the automotive industry and domestic appliances has helped to drive growth and investment in the compounding industry.

Huntsman launched new TPU grades for footwear and films

Huntsman has showcased several new TPU technologies at Chinaplas 2018, which can be used to engineer film and sheet products: Krystalgran TPU is a family of aliphatic-based resins that can be extruded to create durable, light stable, protective films and barrier layers. Offering benefits in both optical and non-optical applications, films made from Krystalgran TPU […]

Elastron expands in North America, opens new US headquarter in Georgia

Elastron recently announced that it will open a North American headquarters in Gainesville, GA, USA. Headquartered near Istanbul, Turkey, Elastron began expanding into the North American market in 2012. The company said it has seen enough demand to justify a local manufacturing facility. Elastron has been producing TPEs for more than 35 years with exports to […]