FKuR: New Terraprene TPE grades

The German bioplastic specialist FKuR has added three Terraprene TPE grades to its portfolio. New within the bio-based Terraprene TPE compounds family are the grades SI 701 and SI 801, whose biocontent (calculated) ranges from 55 % to 75 %. They are available in Shore A40 to A80 grades and their properties are said to be largely similar to those of conventional TPS grades.

A cup produced by dom Polymer-Technik features cuffs made of a Terraprene TPE grade. (Source: FKuR). (Source: FKuR)

Typical applications include two-component injection molding, especially with polyolefins, which provide good adhesion. Terraprene CI 250 84A and Terrapene CI 450 93A are two oil-free TPEs with Shore A hardness of 84 or 93. With their soft-touch surface, high resistance to kinking and deformation, they can substitute TPO and PVC in injection molding applications.

At K 2019 FKuR presented a reusable cup with a cuff made from a Terraprene SI 601. With its non-slip surface and its insulating effect, this partially bio-based and approved for food contact material ensures that the cup can be held securely even with hot beverages.