DuPont awarded by ContiTech

DuPont Transportation & Advanced Polymers has received a “Supplier of the Year 2017” award from ContiTech Vibration Control GmbH for its Hytrel constant velocity joint (CVJ) boot solutions. DuPont was selected as one of five suppliers from a field of 185 competitors, and is the only raw material supplier to be honoured. With the award ContiTech recognised the superior quality of the TPC-ET material as well as the company’s dependability and commitment to technical and commercial excellence, supported by a strong collaborative approach.

Left to right: Hicran Hayik-Koller (ContiTech purchasing manager), Andreas Zöller (Regional product manager, EMEA, Performance Resins, DuPont), Jürgen Hasenauer (Global Account Manager for Continental, DuPont), Susanne Laubinger (Marketing specialist, DuPont), Paul Passlik (ContiTech director quality & environment), Christof Dudek (ContiTech purchasing director)

“DuPont provides us with goods and services of a consistent standard and performance across the world,” said Hicran Hayik-Koller, lead buyer for raw materials and chemicals at ContiTech Vibration Control. “This award is a reflection of our close collaboration with the DuPont team that supports our innovation in developing high quality products to meet today’s demanding lightweight design standards.”

“This recognition is a testament to our best-in-class engineering support and commercial team who continue to innovate in order to bring new solutions and technologies to market,” said Rudy van Engen, Sales Director, Central Europe. “The strong collaboration with ContiTech Vibration Control is already leading to new projects, starting with Zytel PA66 resin for injection molding and extrusion, that will contribute to expanding our business with Continental.”

The CVJ boot is an automotive component that is subject to an average of 150,000 miles of pounding, and a wide range of temperatures. The parts allow the drive shaft to transmit power through a variable angle, at a constant rotational speed, without a considerable increase in friction. The inherent wear resistance and flexibility of Hytrel significantly improve the durability of CVJ boots, protecting the vehicle’s rotating shaft from road debris and axle grease.