DSM: Expanded Arnitel for footwear

DSM has announced to present new applications for Arnitel TPC (co-polyester TPE) in sustainable athletic footwear. In recent years, the athletic sportswear industry has increasingly integrated high-performance materials to deliver higher durability, stability and functional performance without compromising on weight. DSM will present expanded Arnitel that can be used in mid-soles of athletic footwear to deliver a range of performance advantages:

  • DSM has announced to present new applications for Arnitel TPC in athletic footwear. (Source: DSM)

    very high rebound rate of 75-80 %, compared to 65-70 % other materials such as E-TPU at same densities

  • consistent performance across diverse climates. Arnitel has a high consistency in modulus across temperatures from -25 °C to +50 °C.
  • Arnitel enables circularity when designing an all-polyester solution for upper and sole materials, including the adhesives.

Another interesting application for the co-polyester is in non-pneumatic tyres. The market for these tyres, that are not supported by air pressure, also called flat-free tyres, is being driven by the need to integrate higher levels of sustainability, durability, efficiency and reduced costs. DSM says that Arnitel offers for this a unique combination of flexibility, high temperature resistance, strength and processing characteristics.

Besides these Arnitel applications DSM will highlight many other material news including Akulon RePurposed, recycled polyamide from discarded fishing nets which is used in fins, fin boxes, stand-up paddleboard pumps, and other structural parts in surfboards made by Starboard. The polyamide resin is based on discarded fishing nets gathered from the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea and is specifically targeted at the sports and leisure market.

During K DSM will host a number of tech seminars on the following subjects:

  • Safer connected homes around the world
  • On the road with high voltage
  • EMI shielding with plastic: Future of metal replacement in electric cars

Information and registration under www.dsm.com/k2019.

DSM at K 2019, hall 6, stand B11