Chemours: Telford new Chief Sustainability Officer

Sheryl Telford has been appointed to the newly created position of Chief Sustainability Officer at Chemours. A respected and trusted industry expert, Telford has more than three decades of experience in the environmental, safety and health fields in the government, utility and chemistry sectors. She joined Chemours upon its creation in 2015 as Director, EHS and Remediation before being named vice president, environment, health, safety and corporate responsibility in 2018. In her new role, Telford will also play a central role in establishing strategic collaborations and partnerships with external experts, companies, industries and organisations to advance Chemours sustainability efforts and advocate for sustainable, science-based policy and regulation.

„Sheryl has been central to Chemours sustainability efforts and I am delighted to have her in the Chief Sustainability Officer role. She will lead our efforts to embed sustainability into every aspect of how we operate, making it an integral part of the Chemours culture,“ said Mark Vergnano, President and Chief Executive Officer of Chemours.