Adsale: Successful premiere of Chinaplas at new venue in Shenzhen

Chinaplas 2021 was concluded on 16 April 2021 with a total of 152,134 visitors. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic and the move to the new venue at Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center, CHINAPLAS has once again proved itself to be a high standard platform for presenting new technologies and sourcing latest products for the plastics and rubber industries. Though the total number of visitors this year dropped by 6.85 %, the number of local visitors has increased by 23.46 % compared to the previous edition of show in Guangzhou in 2019. In addition, the official live streaming platform has attracted 363,000 audiences and helped the event reach out to global buyers throughout the four days of the event.

Chinaplas 2021 Chinaplas 2019
Total number of visitors 152,134 163,314
Number of local visitors 149,771 121,309
Number of overseas visitors 2,363 42,005

With an exhibition area of over 350,000 m², Chinaplas 2021 hosted more than 3,600 exhibitors, showcasing 3,800+ machines, raw materials, chemicals and other solutions.

Impressions from Chinaplas 2021 (Source: Adsale)

The 2021 exhibition brought about a series of concurrent events under the theme of “New Era. New Potential. Innovation for Sustainability.

5 Key Technology Areas of Chinaplas 2021:

“5G x Plastics & Rubber” Groundbreaking Technology

  • Thermoplastic composite materials for 5G base station filters and PCB board
  • LCP film grade resin for 5G antenna and ultra thin cooling fan
  • Functional materials for high frequency flexible circuit board applications
  • High precision equipment: LCP film blowing & post-processing integrated production line

High speed and high precision machining center for 5G communication base station parts

Circular Economy & Green Technology

  • 100% biodegradable plastics and bio-based reinforced composites
  • All kinds of recycled plastics, and production equipment which can use recycled plastics
  • Plastics recycling technology
  • Fully recyclable packaging solutions (e.g. Single material packaging solution by MDO technology)

High-strength full recovery and yield-increasing mulch film technology

Industry 4.0 Intelligent Technology

  • Integrated multifunctional smart/digital production equipment
  • Smart factory management systems
  • High precision, super high speed and quality guaranteed injection molding technologies
  • Customized robotic arms
  • Dust-free dryer for optical use, vision inspection systems

High Performance Materials, Engineering Plastics and Reinforced Carbon Fiber Composite Materials

  • Materials for electronic components and equipment
  • Materials meeting the charging requirements of electric vehicles and a variety of materials for auto parts
  • Medical grade, food grade, and hygienic materials (e.g. TPE)

Flexible Product Design Solutions

  • Multi station one-step blowing technology for producing different kinds of plastic containers (round/non-round mouth, off center inclined mouth, portable, glass like, foldable / stackable)
  • Intelligent manufacturing technology of multi-component / multi-color / multi-layer forming
  • Non-spray aesthetic materials and technology, various pigments, surface treatment technology
Impressions from Chinaplas 2021 (Source: Adsale)

Chinaplas 2022, Shanghai, 25-28 April 2022