Borflex acquires Swiss company Rex Articoli Tecnici

The French Borflex group has taken over the Mendrisio-based Swiss company Rex Articoli Tecnici SA, a specialist in the design and production of rubber and thermoplastic parts. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed. According to Borflex, with this acquisition the group is strengthening its position as a leading player in the rubber and composite market in Europe, bringing its turnover to around EUR 46 million and increasing its workforce to approximately 350 people.

Rex Articoli Tecnici is active in the field of chemistry and elastomers since 1935. The company’s main markets are rolling stock and railway infrastructure, multi-material technical parts, and bicycle brake systems (pads for rim brakes and disk brakes) marketed under the SwissStop brand. Its anti-vibration dampeners have been mounted, for example, under the sleepers in the base tunnel of the Gotthard and are also applied in many other projects around the world. The production site in Mendrisio will be strengthened further by becoming the centre of competence and by manufacturing natural rubber products for the entire Borflex group.

After more than 45 years of service, Marco Favini, the President of Rex Articoli Tecnici, is leaving his operative position as a member of the Board of Directors. He will remain at disposal for the group. Favini said: “I hand over a company in good health. We have invested a lot over the last years in order to keep the company up to date. I am sure that the Borflex group will appreciate the Mendrisio production site with its technical competence and products of Swiss quality and will accordingly promote it in the group. A further expansion of the jobs in Mendrisio is not excluded.” Olivier Quintin, CEO of Borflex, said: “The Borflex group can now aspire to a leadership position in Europe in the field of rubber, thermoplastic and composite materials. The entry of Rex in the group is the first step in the process of expansion in Europe.”