BASF / Sport Group: Cooperation in the field of sports and outdoor flooring systems

BASF and Sport Group have started a cooperation for the distribution and installation of a new, sustainable flooring system with Infinergy. BASF offers Infinergy, the first expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (E-TPU) for flooring systems. The high-performance material is said to have a very good environmental profile and is Oeko-Tex certified. Function, stability and environmental compatibility have been extensively tested and make Infinergy a forward-looking alternative to previously used materials, said BASF. In addition, the product ensures a production cycle without residual waste, because it can be fully recovered and reused without harmful residues. In the outdoor sector, the material can be used as an elastic layer for unsealed, sustainable and environmentally friendly sports facilities, running tracks and playgrounds.

Infinergy is ideally suited for fall protection flooring. (Source: BASF)

In Sport Group, BASF has found a partner who will distribute and install the new system worldwide. „The strategic cooperation between Sport Group and BASF will enrich sports facility construction with a new, sustainable solution,“ said Jens Dierssen, Director Global Business Incubation Infinergy. Frank Dittrich, CEO of the Sport Group, said: „BASF and the Sport Group both consistently pursue the goal of sustainability. Infinergy therefore fits perfectly into our product portfolio.“

Infinergy can be used as an elastic, ecofriendly layer for outdoor flooring systems. (Source: BASF)

Sport Group is said to be the world’s largest sports surfaces company. The group offers artificial turf sports fields, athletics tracks, playing fields and landscaping products in over 70 countries and covers the entire value chain, including research and development, manufacturing and installation, and recycling. Thanks to its particularly cushioning properties, Infinergy is ideally suited for fall protection flooring, which protects children in particular from injury in the event of falls on playgrounds. With its subsidiaries Polytan GmbH and Melos GmbH, Sport Group, as a strategic distributor, covers the distribution and installation of fall protection flooring with Infinergy.