Avient: Recycled-content TPE for BIC’s women’s razor handle

BIC, a globally operating company specialising in stationery, lighters and shavers, has chosen to team up with Avient. When BIC engineers recently were challenged to incorporate more recycled materials in a new women’s razor, they found answers in Avient’s reSound R recycled-content TPE. The TPE has a soft, grippy feel and is highly colourable and is formulated to achieve 62 % recycled content.

The BIC Soleil Click 5 women’s razor handle utilizes reSound R TPE with 62 % recycled content. (Source: Avient)

BIC introduced its sustainability program more than 15 years ago already. The company’s approach to product design is deeply rooted in the principles of the circular economy and BIC’s 4R philosophy: reducing the amount of raw materials, including as much recycled or alternative materials as possible, making more refillable products, and improving the recyclability of both products and packaging. The Soleil Click 5 razor handle is a recent example of how the company is putting sustainability into practice. By combining reSound R TPE with a transparent plastic that also has recycled content, the razor handle reaches over 40 % recycled content in total. In addition, the shaver is also refillable, allowing its reuse by simply changing the blade cartridge. A consumer launch is planned in spring 2022.

“The new razor handle we developed together with Avient is another exciting milestone on our sustainability journey to explore new or alternative options to transform our products, manufacturing processes and packaging,” said Thomas Brette, Group Insights and Innovation Officer at BIC. “Last year, we committed to using 50 % of non-virgin petroleum plastic for our products by 2030, part of our long-term commitment to reduce our environmental impact. To achieve these goals, our R&D and procurement teams are constantly finding innovative solutions that limit our products’ impact on the planet, while creating responsible and affordable items for everyday use.”

“Collaborating with BIC on this project aligns closely with our sustainability commitments as a specialty formulator, and our focus on helping customers meet their sustainability goals,” said Walter Ripple, Vice President, Sustainability, Avient Corporation. “And we’re also aligned in terms of our values. Similarly to BIC, we have committed to our own 2030 Sustainability Goals.” Holger Kronimus, Vice President, Europe and General Manager, Engineered Materials, Europe, added, “This project highlights our commitment to support customers in Europe – and around the globe – with sustainable material solutions that are aligned with a circular economy and meet consumer preference for eco-conscious products.”

Utilizing its formulation expertise, Avient said that it is able to increase the overall percentage of recycled content in additional reSound R grades to over 80 % at performance comparable to prime grades.