ACS Rubber Division/Rubber Heart: Memorandum of Understanding

In an ambitious new strategy to boost international membership and participation in its events, training and learning opportunities, Rubber DivisionAmerican Chemical Society (ACS) has appointed its first ever European Representatives. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed at the beginning of March 2020 between newly formed UK-based Rubber Heart Ltd in Hertford, United Kingdom and Rubber Division, ACS in Akron, Ohio, paving the way for a partnership that will spread awareness of the benefits and opportunities offered by Rubber Division, ACS open to professionals working in the global rubber industry.

This new initiative is the vision of Executive Director and CEO of Rubber Division, ACS, Lakisha Miller-Barclay, the first woman appointed to be at the helm of the organisation in its over 100-year history. Rubber Heart is a new Marketing, Communications, PR and Events company providing services to the global elastomer industry and its suppliers.

David Cawthra and Gail Reader, the two Directors and founders, have decades of experience in the global elastomer industry, having both worked for the world-renowned Rubber Consultants/Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre R&D and testing facility just north of London in Hertford for more than 50 years combined. They both will act as European Representatives whose role will be to increase awareness and expand the Rubber Division, ACS community through membership opportunities that enable engagement with nearly 3,000 other rubber and affiliated industry professionals from over 1,200 organisations worldwide.