Zahoransky: Boosting performance in toothbrush production with double turret

To make sure that Zahoransky’s Z.Shark tufting machine can use its full output capacity in an even wider range of applications, it now has the option of being fitted with a double turret instead of a single turret. Typical applications include the tufting of children’s toothbrushes as well as hybrid toothbrushes and toothbrushes with different hole diameters that are partially tufted by two machines. In these cases, the double turret compensates for the lower bundle requirement per toothbrush so that the Z.Shark can produce at its maximum speed of 1,000 tufts/minute.

The Z.Shark tufting machine is now also available with a double turret for holding two toothbrush bodies. (Source: Zahoransky)

This will always result in greater performance if the body to be tufted has fewer than 30 holes, “as is the case with hybrid toothbrushes with different filaments (cylindrical/tapered (chemically tapered)) and toothbrushes with different hole diameters, which are each partially tufted by two separate machines,” explains Daniel Herrmann, Head of Product Management Zahoransky, adding, “another possible application are children’s toothbrushes with a low hole count, which can be tufted completely on a single machine.” In all three of these scenarios, a Z.Shark with a single turret reduces its maximum speed of 1,000 tufts per minute – and with it the output performance –, to adjust the tufting process to the lower hole count. “If the Z.Shark is fitted with a double turret instead, it can take up two bodies instead of just one. This compensates for the lower bundle count required for each toothbrush and the machine can produce at full output performance,” concludes Herrmann.

The Z.Shark family of tufting machines was developed for particularly economical toothbrush production as well as the highest possible output volume with the greatest flexibility for adjustment to customer specifications. With maximum hole field dimensions of 35 x 45 mm, complex bundle positions and angles with filaments in up to three different colors can be executed. All models of the Z.Shark series are hand-operated tufting machines.