Voelpker: “One for all” purging concentrate

With its 120 years of experience in manufacturing special waxes, Völpker Spezialprodukte GmbH is one of the longest-established wax producers in Europe. In recent years the company has expanded particularly in the field of additives for plastics. The wax additives of the Plastic series and the Plastic recycling series are widely used multi-functional additives. They serve for example as combination lubricants and dispersing aids, especially where the quality requirements are particularly high. Montan wax derivatives – for example Waradur E – are worldwide largely used as optimally effective no plate-out release agents for various high quality TPU applications. For standard requirements, Voelpker offers also the new release agent Cevo process J-3405.

Cevo clean J-1819 is a highly efficient cleaning concentrate, that enables particularly thorough and user-friendly cleaning of extruders, injection moulding machines, blow-moulding machines, and also hot runner moulds. The particular level of effectiveness of Cevo-clean J-1819 is based on a combined chemical-physical mode of action which uses solid solvents and non-abrasive minerals that have been optimally coordinated with each other. The purging concentrate effects thorough removal of stubborn deposits, burns and material residues of all commonly used thermoplastics. Cylinders and screws will be subject to a gentle mechanical cleaning, including the dead zones of the machines. The processing temperature ranges up to 360 °C, depending on the carrier polymer.

Cevo clean J-1819 purging concentrate enables particularly thorough and user-friendly cleaning. (Source: Voelpker)

Cevo-clean J-1819 is a versatile “one for all” concentrate for almost all commonly used thermoplastics and is as a result very cost-effective. The product is always diluted with a polymer that is also the basis for the subsequent material. Therefore only one cleaning concentrate is required for most commonly used thermoplastic polymers. Cevo-clean J-1819 enables materials and colours to be changed quickly and therefore enables shorter downtimes as well as lower reject costs. The cleaning extrudate arising can be granulated and can therefore be reused – in particular in the event of lower levels of contamination.

Cevo-clean J-1819 is used in a dry blend with an unfilled polymer. The polymer type that is to be used in the subsequent new production , or that which forms the basis of the new compound that is to be processed must always be used.

Mixture instructions:
20 – 25 parts Cevo-clean J-1819 + 75 – 80 parts polymer.
Process the mixture on the corresponding machine using the normal processing parameters of the polymer used. After cleaning and rinsing is complete, new production can start immediately.