Trinseo: New API website emphasises portfolio for fashion and footwear

Trinseo has updated the website focusing on its footwear and fashion portfolio of products, manufactured at the facility in Mussolente, Italy. Trinseo said that it is keen to expand its role as a materials specialist, beyond the traditional materials provider / client paradigm. User experience has been improved, as the new layout is based on the end segments served in footwear (luxury & lifestyle, athletic, and professional), as well as fashion accessories.

Visitors to the website will have an improved overview of the materials dedicated to each segment, including their technical properties and end applications. Some of the highlights are:

  • Apilon 52 Bio, a range of urethane-based thermoplastic bioplastics (TPU), in both soft and rigid grades, developed to answer needs of the fashion industry for sustainable, ethical resins.
  • Apilon 52 A/C series, a recyclable TPU that represents the best possible alternative to vulcanized rubber in terms of thermo-abrasion resistance and production efficiencies, reducing production cycle time by up to 70 %.
  • Apilon 52 Light, an expandable TPU best suited to the production of midsoles, providing an excellent combination of performance and lightness.

“The redesigned website is just another step that we are taking towards growing our commitment to the fashion and footwear industry,” said Giancarlo Busa, Global Industry Leader, TPE, Footwear. “We are proud of our position as a leading materials expert and provider, but that does not mean we will lessen our efforts towards better materials and improved service. We are very proud of our heritage, but the future is what’s most exciting for us.”

The facility in Mussolente, a supplier for the footwear industry for more than six decades, was acquired by Trinseo in 2017. The factory is positioned at the heart of an area with a rich background of providing materials to the footwear and clothing industries, as well as close to the commercial hub of Venice.