TPU films for individual and functional car cockpits

TPU films find a wide range of possible applications in car interiors. Platilon TPU films from Covestro are present although not always visible in many parts of the car interior, such as textile laminates from roller blinds for sunroofs, as air chambers for lumbar supports of car seats or as foam shrouds for noise reduction components. A new promising application is the so-called flexible electronics. The elastic TPU films are equipped by film processors with electronic functions such as traces or sensor elements. LEDs can also be integrated. The resulting film build-ups can be formed into geometrically highly complex decorative parts that provide lighting effects.

Trends such as autonomous driving, networking and individualization pose entirely new challenges, but also offer great opportunities for the use of TPU films. (Source: Covestro)

Flexible electronics based on TPU films could be used in electric vehicles for panel heating of large surface areas in car interiors and could replace the expensive exhaust air heating of traditional combustion engines. With their flexibility and good adhesion to textiles, TPU films offer a chance of integrating the required conductor path electronics into door panels, for example.