TPE with blue jean stain resistance for phone cases

PolyOne announced that it has developed Versaflex CE 3320-70, the first-ever TPE material able to resist blue jean staining for white and light-coloured phone cases.

According to the company, Versaflex CE 3320-70 TPE helps brands avoid the sourcing and manufacturing issues of silicone and it is the only thermoplastic material that stands up to blue jean staining when used in white and light-coloured phone cases. Brands using silicone or TPU materials have been seeking an alternative for a number of reasons, including long sourcing lead times and manufacturing challenges for silicone and the inability of TPU to endure blue jeans contact without staining, said PolyOne.

Comparison tests using the same methodology that measures blue jean staining on car seats show how new Versaflex CE 3320-70 performs vs. silicone and TPU

To test the effectiveness of its materials, the company used the same rigorous test methodology used to measure blue jean staining on automotive car seats. Versaflex CE 3320-70 showed no signs of staining, equal to that of the industry benchmark, a branded white silicone case. In addition to blue jean stain resistance, the material stands up to sunscreen, hand sanitizer and isopropyl alcohol while enduring UV light. It also processes faster than silicones and adheres well to polycarbonate when overmoulded.

The new TPE can be pre-coloured to specifications or used with a PolyOne OnColor masterbatch colourant.


“Leading phone case brand owners have been searching for a blue jean stain resistant material that offers expanded design freedom,” said Michelle Hearn, global marketing director, Specialty Engineered Materials at PolyOne. “In addition to a boost in design capabilities, our new stain-resistant TPEs also offer the supply chain flexibility and ease of processing that brands require to bring their white and light-colored phone cases to market both quickly and cost effectively.”