Texon: Zero waste heel counter for sustainable structural footwear components

Texon announced the launch of Texon Halo, a heel counter material for the footwear industry that contains a minimum of 50 % recycled content. According to the company, the product is a powder moulded reinforcement material that has very good sustainability credentials and can deliver distinct and measurable performance advantages.

Designed for use in athletic and sports shoes, but suitable for providing structural support in most types of footwear, Texon Halo is stiffer than competitor products at an equivalent thickness – making it ideal for creating thinner, lighter shoes with a robust yet supportive, well fitting heel, said the manufacuter.

Texon Halo provides structural support in athletic and sports shoes (Source: Texon)

Delivered ‘out of the box’ (against dxf pattern) ready for insertion, Texon Halo is a net, waste-free product that requires no cutting or skiving. Offering good mouldability and a low heat activation point, the material is said to be cost effective, quick to use and easy to insert into a shoe upper. Self-adhering at lower process temperatures, it bonds well to all commonly used substrates including synthetic materials. It is also very good at retaining its shape over time, said Texon.

Matt Smith, Group Sales Director at Texon, said: “When it comes to manufacturing shoes, selecting sustainable materials that can provide the right level of structural support is essential, particularly when it comes to heel counters. These small but invaluable components are key to the construction of a good shoe – helping to stabilise the heel, maintain the foot’s position, and reduce the risk of pronation. The development of Texon Halo shows us pushing the boundaries of heel counter technology, creating materials that have better sustainability credentials, while still offering first-class performance properties.”