Songwon / Sabo: Extension of long-standing partnership

Songwon Industrial Co., Ltd. announced that the worldwide exclusive distributorship (non-exclusive for Europe) with Sabo S.p.A. for the Sabostab HALS portfolio, which includes hindered amine light stabilisers (HALS) and oxanilide UV absorbers, has been extended.

Furthering the cooperation will enable both organisations to maintain their leading market position and to continue pursuing their shared strategy for growth by focusing on opportunities outside of Europe, particularly in the areas of automotive and agricultural applications as well as in the building and construction sector, said the companies.

Elena Scaltritti, Leader Group Commercial at Songwon, said: “Over the years, the close collaboration between Songwon and Sabo is a fine and unique example of what can be achieved when two market leaders with a common mindset and shared values are driven by their deep joint commitment to respond to the demands of the industry and to the needs of their global customers. We look forward to building on our already strong partnership and generating further growth and success for both organisations.”

“Sabo has enjoyed consistent collaborative success with Songwon for almost a decade. We are very pleased with the extension of our partnership which has been built on solid trust and shared expertise, and we value the opportunity to continue combining our strengths and capabilities to achieve our ambitious business goals in the polymer additives arena,” said Alberto Vischetti, Vice President – Polymer Additives, Sabo S.p.A.

Earlier in 2021, the two companies also renewed their strategic cooperation within the Coatings Business to develop and manufacture new HALS products for high-end applications offered to the markets by Songwon under the Songsorb CS brand.

Headquartered in South Korea, Songwon is said to be the 2nd largest manufacturer of polymer stabilisers worldwide. Sabo is a privately-owned speciality chemicals company established in 1937 with a leading position in the development and manufacturing of hindered amine light stabilisers.