Songwon: New family of flame-retardant synergists

Songwon Industrial Co., Ltd. announced that it will showcase its portfolio of solutions for the plastics industry at K 2019. The company said it will feature an array of products and application-tailored solutions that enable applications across sectors such as automotive, electronics, packaging and films, healthcare, and agriculture. Another feature will be the company’s increased focus on sustainability, underscoring its commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and to addressing pressing issues – including energy and greenhouse gas reduction, water conservation and material efficiency.

According to Songwon, since 2015 the company has steadily expanded its portfolio beyond its standard polymer stabilisers to include lubricant additives, coatings stabilisers, electronic chemicals, new polyurethane grades, functional monomers, etc. In 2018, the company introduced ten new products and is set to launch at K 2019 a new family of flame-retardant synergists based on a proprietary technology designed to combine high performance with safety and sustainability.

“Participating at K 2019 provides us with a prominent platform to demonstrate our steadfast, long-term commitment to our customers and to the plastics industry,” said Maurizio Butti, Chief Executive Officer. “Since our foundation in 1965, our focus on innovation has driven Songwon’s strategy to become a leader in speciality chemicals. We are proud of how our ongoing investments in increasing Songwon’s value-adding portfolio, global capabilities and strong partnerships are helping us to achieve success for both our organisation and for our customers.”

Songwon will highlight its solutions for the plastics industry at K 2019 (Source: Songwon)

In 2017, Songwon invested in a Technical Innovation Centre in South Korea, which enables the company to accelerate the development of innovations. Recently, new application labs for lubricants and coatings were started up at the centre.

Furthermore, the company announced that it recently increased the shareholding in its joint venture Qingdao Long Fortune Songwon Chemical Co., Ltd. in China, which manufactures the one-pack system (OPS) customisable solutions and supplies Songwon’s complete range of polymer stabilisers to Chinese polyolefins producers.

In order to strengthen its position in polymer and coatings stabilisers, Songwon entered a partnership with Disheng Technology Co., Ltd. in 2018 for the production of UVA light stabilisers. In 2019, the company also strengthened its collaboration with long-term partner Sabo S.p.A., a supplier of hindered amine light stabilisers (HALS). Sabo’s recently launched light stabiliser system, Sabo Stab UV 216 was especially developed for agricultural applications.

“Songwon’s success has always come from listening to customers and transforming their needs into solutions that add value and help them to overcome the challenges they face,” said Butti. “At K2019, we are looking forward to closely engaging with them at the fair, while showcasing our strength in specialty chemicals and our commitment to the plastics industry.”

Songwon at K 2019, hall 6, stand B07