Songwon: Expansion of Songstomer TPU family

Songwon has expanded its portfolio of Songstomer thermoplastic polyurethanes. Well-suited to a number of applications such as cables, tubes, films, profiles, compounds and masterbatches, Songstomer polyether-TPU products P-3280A10/P-3285A10/P-3285-A10U/P-3290A10/P-3295A10/P-3254-D10 are said to secure higher mechanical property stability, including less discolouration under long-term heat aging and thermoplastic processing and their high resistance to hydrolysis and microbe attack, make them products of choice for compounding.

In the area of TPU/POM compounds there are two new products available from the polyester-based TPU range. Ideal for injection moulding parts such as engineering buckles, clips for tubes, sports gear or leisure goods, Songstomer P-3175A and P-3180A can be processed using injection moulding and extrusion and their smaller granule size enables faster and easier melting and subsequently higher productivity.

Headquartered in South Korea, Songwon offers a wide range of TPU specialties for films, tubes, cables, functionalised compounds and more. Viscosity and other properties can be tailor-made according to customer specifications to fulfill demanding extrusion and injection moulding requirements. In 2018, Dr. Marcus Leberfinger was appointed Global Business Director – TPU, taking on the task of developing the company’s TPU business and expanding it in Asia and beyond.