SKZ: TPE goes online – Join the next session on 19 August

On 19 August, The German Plastics Center (SKZ) invites to the next session of its online TPE conference. Due to Corona, the established industry event, which was originally planned to take place as a two-day event in Nuremberg in June, was redesigned into a series of twelve short online sessions of 90 minutes each. The individual sessions are recorded and can be accessed digitally by participants at any time.

Outlook for Session 2 on 19 August

The speakers of the August session are:
Mathias Lauter, Covestro Deutschland AG
Dr. Matthias Hübner, Caparol Industrial Solutions GmbH.

Sneak preview Covestro: New possibilities with soft injection moulding grades
by Mathias Lauter, Technical Marketing in the Coatings-Adhesives-Specialties business unit of Covestro Deutschland AGThermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) are becoming increasingly important as specialty elastomers in many areas of application. With their excellent mechanical properties, wear resistance, haptics, etc. TPUs are well-established in the world of elastomers as a tailor-made materials. The presentation will focus on new grades that extend the already wide hardness range without any plasticizers up to 40 Shore A. The key properties of the new grades Desmopan 6045A and 6055A are presented and „sorted“ into the TPU world.

Sneak preview Caparol: NEFA MB – Innovative compounds and masterbatches at the interface of the plastics and paint industry
Dispersive and distributive mixing processes are an essential component in the production of thermoplastic masterbatches and compounds. Continuous twin-screw extruders and kneading systems are mainly used for compounding. A major limitation of these mixing units is the limited residence time of the components to be mixed. Caparol Industrial Solutions GmbH is a company specialising in the production of mainly liquid and pasty pigment and additive concentrates. In the production of these concentrates, particularly discontinuously operating mixing and dispersing units such as rolling mills, bead mills or dissolvers are used. It is in this field where the compounds and masterbatches of the NEFA MB product group are situated. The combination of discontinuous mixers and twin-screw extruders makes it possible to produce very highly filled and specialized products based on special thermoplastic elastomers. The combination of different mixing and dispersing processes at the interface of the paint and plastics industry creates synergies that lead to special masterbatches and compounds. If very high filling levels with excellent dispersion quality are the focus of a masterbatch or compound application, the patented manufacturing process of the NEFA MB products can be a new approach for product development.

Matchmaking Tools

For the central topics of networking, contact maintenance and contact building, SKZ offers a Match Making Tool, in which participants can enter their profile, specify their industry, define their offer and search criteria – similar to a partner exchange – and then use this tool to meet and network with their so-called „Best Matches“ or with all other participants.

However, the organisers of the SKZ conference did not cancel completely the personal exchange: At the end of the online series, there will be a joint dinner and beer tasting in Nuremberg on the fringe of German Rubber Conference / International Rubber Conference 2021 (DKT / IRC) in Nuremberg in July 2021, which is also included in the participation fee of 350 EUR.

(Registration is possible at any time).