Sirmax starts TPE production in Poland

Sirmax SpA announced an important investment in Kutno, Poland, in the Special Economic Zone (ZES) of Łódz´. The compounder, headquartered in Cittadella, Italia, will construct a second compounding facility at the site. In July 2006 Sirmax inaugurated the first Kutno plant, which currently produces 80,000 t/y of PP compounds for the automotive and household appliance sectors. The new plant will consist of 12,000 m2 of production area and 10,000 m2 of warehouse over a total area of about 60,000 m2. The construction of the plant will start in August 2018, production start-up is scheduled for Q2 2019.

Sirmax said that it will produce three categories of compounds there:

  • thermoplastic elastomers (TPV, TPS-SEBS, and TPS-SBS)
  • engineering thermoplastics based on polyamides, ABS and PC (productions already in the Italian plants of Tombolo and San Vito al Tagliamento)
  • long glass fibre reinforced and self-extinguishing polypropylene compounds (the latter already produced in Italy, the USA, and India).

Sirmax said the TPEs are a brand new entry for the company and will complete the product range, which will then combine soft and rigid compounds.


“We are continuing positively in our strategy of being ‘multi-countries’ and ‘multi-products’,“ said Massimo Pavin, President and CEO of Sirmax. “We want to be globally present and with the full range of our products, at the service of our large global customers in the automotive and household appliance sectors.”