Sanitized: Antimicrobial protection for thermoplastic processed polymers

Sanitized has introduced a new product from its BroadTect portfolio. The additive is said to protect polmyers against all relevant microorganisms (grampositive and gram-negative bacteria, mold and mildew, yeasts, and even algae. It has high temperature resistance and features durable antimicrobial protection that is effective even after weathering. In addition, good antiviral efficacy on surfaces has been demonstrated. The additive product is suitable for most thermoplastic polymers such as PE, PP, TPU, EVA, PVC, rubber (EPDM, NBR, SBR) that are used in the extrusion or injection molding processes. It is compatible with commonly used additives.

Protecting polymers from microbes means simultaneously ensuring both hygiene management and material protection. As demonstrated in various series of tests, the new product guarantees protective action against microbial aggressors – even with ongoing washing and weathering. It is particularly beneficial for kitchen utensils, containers, filters, seals, packaging, or tarpaulins.

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly increased the importance of hygiene in public spaces, which is why Christine Niklas, Product Manager at Sanitized AG, sees a large market for the new product with wide-ranging antimicrobial protection. Treated polymer handles, switches, seats, handrails, floors, or sanitary utensils can help create safe conditions, particularly in public spaces, in public transportation, or in schools.

“With the new product for polymers, we offer the polymer industry an innovative, versatile, multiprotection product that ensures comprehensive, durable antimicrobial protection from any microorganisms. Surfaces are hygienically protected and treated against material deterioration, preventing odor emissions and stain formation,” summarizes Christine Niklas.