SaarGummi: Supplier award from Daimler

SaarGummi is among the 2020 winners of the Daimler supplier award and was the only one to receive the award in the area of Mercedes Benz Cars & Vans in the category „Quality“. Assessment criteria included economic efficiency and delivery reliability, sustainable behaviour and open communication.

SaarGummi supplies the complete gasket package for the Mercedes Benz A- and B-class and says that this project is one of the greatest success stories within the SaarGummi Group. The project was developed on a global basis; in China, Europe and Mexico. Five of the total of 18 production sites on three continents were involved: in Europe the plants in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the German production in Büschfeld, in China the plant in Yingkou and the Mexican production facility in Querétaro.

SaarGummi Group is a subsidiary of the CQLT Group, a Chinese state-owned company.