Rowasol / HNP Mikrosysteme: Compact system for liquid colour dosing in plastic injection moulding

HNP Mikrosysteme, Schwerin, Germany, has recently launched the colorDoS dosing system for injection moulding applications to ensure precise dosing of the smallest quantities of colour. The centrepiece of this system is a micro annular gear pump, various versions of which have already been used successfully for fluid delivery in mechanical and plant engineering, in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, and in laboratory and analysis technology. The mzr-7245 modular micro annular gear pump used in the colorDoS dispenses a shot weight of 0.02 g to 100 g of colour per shot, depending on the dosing time and viscosity.

The reusable Rowasol Color Cube or disposable Politainer are suitable as colour containers for the colorDoS dosing system from HNP Mikrosysteme. (Source: Rowasol)

In addition to the option of small-volume dosing, the compact design enables another special feature: the dosing system is mounted above the injection moulding machine directly in the feed area of the screw and can be easily integrated into existing machines. As a result, the colorDoS is ideal for processors who have very limited production hall space and are unable to or prefer not to set up a separate dosing unit.

The resource-saving reusable system Rowasol Color Cube or disposable Politainer, which are placed on a holder above the pump module, are suitable as colour containers. Low empty volumes and short fluid connections between the container and the pump module, equipped with drip-free quick-connect couplings, ensure a fast and clean colour change. A load cell integrated into the container holder monitors the liquid colour level. The intuitive display control synchronises precise, repeatable dosing with the injection moulding machine. The comprehensive functionality of the control system is further enhanced through a cleaning mode, recipe management, residual charge display, alarm manager, etc.