Preview to the German Rubber Conference (DKT) 2018: Meeting point of the elastomer industry

Every three years elastomer experts from Germany and abroad come together in Nuremberg on occasion of the German Rubber Conference (Deutsche Kautschuk-Tagung, DKT). This key event for professionals along the complete supply chain of elastomers is a unique combination of a trade show and a conference. The exhibition offers a multitude of opportunities to network and to get profound insights into the current state of this dynamic industry and to get informed about latest developments in materials and processing technologies. The four-day conference is a podium for top-level speakers from science and industry.

The event is a unique opportunity for OEMs to get a comprehensive overview of the innovative strength and technological leadership of the elastomer industry as a reliable partner for their current and future requirements. Organiser of this meeting point for the rubber industry is the German Rubber Association (Deutsche Kautschuk-Gesellschaft, DKG).

Lecture programme with TPE-Forum

Since many years already thermoplastic elastomers are an integral part of the exhibition and the conference programme at DKT. A meeting point for TPE experts will be the two-day so-called TPE-Forum from 2 – 3 July 2018 in hall Rome of the conference center. The programme contains 22 presentations in six sessions (please find a detailed list of speakers and topic on the following pages). This event is organised in cooperation with the section “Polymere Ingenieurwerkstoffe” of the German Association of Engineers (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure, VDI).

The conference programme includes a total of more than 130 presentations. Besides the TPE-Forum, there will be a University Session on Tuesday where young scientists will have the opportunity to present results from their research. The Educational Symposium on Wednesday and Thursday offers workshops and basic information for newcomers. A dedicated introduction on TPE will be offered to attendees on 5 July. A Tyre Day will be held on 3 July. The Poster Session with approximately 50 posters will be open from 2 – 5 July. The Science Campus in the exhibition area will gather scientific institutes, industry associations, universities and the trade press.

Entrance of the convention center in NCC West of Nürnberg Messe

The exhibition

The trade exhibition will be rolled out in hall 12 – NCC west of the fairground of NürnbergMesse. 295 exhibitors and 3,000 visitors are expected to attend the event.

More information, exhibitor list and detailed programme at:

The TPE Forum at DKT 2018, hall Rome

2 July 2018, 1.30 pm – 6 pm

Session 1: News from the TPE Manufacturers
Chairman: B. Kneißl, Kraiburg TPE, Waldkraiburg, Germany
TPE for Applications in the E&E Industry; Electrical and Thermal Conductive TPE
M. Geissinger, Allod GmbH, Burgbernheim, Germany
Simulation of TPE Materials: Common Practice?
D. Besselink, J. van Haag, Code Product Solution, Schinnen, The Netherlands; J.-T. Fernhout (Speaker), G. Vroomen, Teknor Apex, Geleen, The Netherlands
Serving Latest Automotive Trends with Sustainable and Innovative TPE Compounds
T. Köppl (Speaker), F. Dresel, Hexpol TPE GmbH, Lichtenfels, Germany
Santoprene TPV Corner Moulding in Weatherseal Applications
M. Haug, ExxonMobil Chemical Central Europe – Div. of Esso Deutschland GmbH, Cologne, Germany
Session 2: Automotive Sealings
Chairman: A. Näck, Allod GmbH, Burgbernheim, Germany
Application of Thermoplastic Elastomers in Automotive Window and Door Sealing Systems
A. Rasch, Pfaff Werkzeug- und Formenbau, Röthenbach/Allgäu, Germany
TPE Used in Automotive Glazing; Lucky Chance or Challenge?
E. Butsch, Richard Fritz GmbH & Co. KG, Besigheim, Germany
Identification and Correction of Moulding Defects During TPE Injection Moulding on EPDM Profiles
M. Zabel, LWB Steinl GmbH & Co. KG, Altdorf, Germany
Development- and Design Flaws in the Production of TPE Molded Parts and their Effects on the Injection Process
T. Röder, HR-MoPrIn GmbH, Losheim am See, Germany

3 July 2018, 8.30 am – 6 pm

Session 3: TPE Specialities
Chairman: S. Druwen, VDI FA Polymere Ingenieurswerkstoffe
PEBA – a Unique TPE
K. Salwiczek, Evonik Resource Efficiency GmbH, Marl, Germany
Copolyester Elastomers: Rubber or Thermoplastics? Both!
M. Cattaneo, Sipol S.p.A., Mortara, Italy
Pressblower – Process Technology and Applications
M. Schuck (Speaker), Ossberger GmbH, Weißenburg, Germany; J. Kloock, DuPont, Neu-Isenburg, Germany
Determination of the Temperature-dependent Visco-elastoplastic Material Behaviour of Thermoplastic Elastomers
C. Zimmermann (Speaker), C. Hopmann, Institute of Plastics Processing (IKV), Aachen, Germany
Session 4: Printing
Chairman: S. Druwen, VDI FA Polymere Ingenieurswerkstoffe
Introduction to Additive Manufacturing of Polymers – Overview of Processes, Opportunities and Challenges
F. Kaut, Procter & Gamble, Kronberg, Germany
Thermoplastic Polyurethanes in Additive Manufacturing
M. Keßler, J. Hättig, T. Büsgen, Covestro Deutschland AG, Leverkusen, Germany
Soft Thermoplastic Elastomers for Extrusion-based Additive Manufacturing
S. Baumann, B. Ulmer, M. Lang, T. Hochrein, M. Bastian, SKZ German Plastics Center, Würzburg, Germany, G. Körber, Achatz & Grauel GmbH, Bad Soden-Salmünster, Germany, O. Adrian, Herz GmbH, Neuwied, Germany
Session 5: Flowability
Chairman: G. Görich, Procter & Gamble, Kronberg, Germany
Emission and Odor of Automotive Components
R. Langendorf (Speaker), J. Meiners (Speaker), Opel Automobile GmbH, Rüsselsheim, Germany
Hard/Soft Combinations Based on PA and Adhesion-modified TPE-V:
Different Flow Length/Wall Thickness Ratios and Heat Ageing Behavior
S. Zepnik (Speaker), M. Leistner, Albis Plastic GmbH, Hamburg, Germany; M. Bastian, C. Deubel, SKZ – German Plastics Center, Würzburg, Germany
Injection Molded Soft Skin – High Performance Soft Skin Solution for Automotive Interiors
M. Greger, Kraton Polymers Research B.V., Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) – Processing and Recycling Behaviour
E. Marten (Speaker), G. Scholz, F. Prissok, BASF Polyurethanes GmbH, Lemförde, Germany
Session 6: Medical Technology and Drinking Water
Chairman: G. Görich, Procter & Gamble, Kronberg, Germany
TPE – A Wonder Material for the Medical Technology
T. Wagner (Speaker), O. Kluge, Kraiburg TPE GmbH & Co. KG, Waldkraiburg, Germany
Superelastic Multigraft Copolymers as Thermoplastic Elastomers for Pumps and Medical Devices
R. Schlegel (Speaker), J. Wötzel, M. Beiner, Fraunhofer IMWS, Halle, Germany; H. Budde, U. Wendler, Fraunhofer PAZ, Schkopau, Germany
Thermoplastic Elastomers in Drinking Water Applications
J. Havinga (Speaker), H. Naus, G. Tuzcu, Kiwa Nederland B.V., Rijswijk, The Netherlands
More about TPEs at DKT 2018
Educational Symposium:
Thermoplastic Elastomers – An Overview (5 July 2018)
L. Kenens, ExxonMobil Chemical Europe Inc., Machelen, Belgium
• Definition of Thermoplastic Elastomers – Distinction between Thermoplastic and Elastomer Materials
• Classification of TPE Material Groups Based on their Phase Morphology
• TPE Materials Properties, Physical and Chemical Performance, Limitations
• Processing of TPE, Characteristics
• Areas of Application, Market Potential, Ongoing Developments
University Session, 3 July 2018
Innovative Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSAs) Made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomers
M. Fuensanta (Speaker), J. M. Martin-Martínez, University of Alicante, Spain